Richard J. Vath
{Email: richard dot vath @ gmail dot com}
{Office: 5000 Hennessey Blvd, ST 6004; Baton Rouge, LA 70808}

I am a doctoral candidate in Education and Psychology at the University of Michigan. I study professional learning in the context of technology-rich, faculty development programs (including STEM teachers and physician educators). I am currently working as the Director of Education Research and affiliated faculty member in Graduate Medical Education at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center and Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center (Baton Rouge). Most recently, I have worked as a graduate research assistant in the Center for Highly Interactive Classrooms, Curricula, and Computing in Education as part of a NSF-supported study of face-to-face and online professional development modalities (Principal Investigator: Barry Fishman).

Contour line drawing: describing the outmost edges of a form, as best you can

In addition to my commitment to (and love of) learning and pedagogy, I am also a passionate consumer of all things culture, popular and otherwise. My blog was created as a sandbox for exploring all kinds of relationships between learning & pedagogy and culture (with an emphasis on TV & film), from the silly and trivial to the nuanced and problematic. More pragmatically, I hope to use the blog as a net to gather up a collection of examples/metaphors/analogies from popular culture that are illustrative of learning/teaching/scholarship phenomena.


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